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Retriever Rescue of Colorado

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Everyday more than 4 million animals nationwide enter into shelters across the US. Nearly 2/3 of those animals become subject to euthanasia due to overcrowding. While RROC has saved nearly 570 dogs, we are still on the path to save more. While we are not a shelter, all of our dogs are placed immediately in foster care with the resources from RROC supplied to the families.

What each RROC dog needs

Because every dog that is taken in by RROC recieves top notch care, attention and treatment, our costs for even the first day of care often exceed our intake.

The cost accrued for just one animal includes cost of gas for transportation, food, medications, vaccinations, identification, and vet visits.

The request for a sponsorship program has increased within the last year and as a result, RROC would like to answer the pleas of our public within our first sponsorship program since our inception into non-profit in 2006.

How much does it cost to sponsor?

RROC places absolutely no minimum or maximum on sponsors for a RROC dog. Also, remember that each gift to our RROC program is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

How long am I required to sponsor?

Again, no minimum or maximum. Furthermore, sponsors may end their membership in the program at any time upon notice to the RROC board.

Can I pick the dog I would like to sponsor?

Yes. Intake for RROC seniors, special needs and puppy litters are a regular occurence with RROC. Our website is updated daily with the newest rescues being listed almost hourly. During your sponsorship inquiry all you have to do is include the dog's name. Certain dogs may have a number of sponsors at the time of your selection, RROC asks that while you may be attached to a specific breed for sponsorship, our organization will supply you a list of those dogs with the most need. However, the selection is entirely up to you.

What are the tiers of Sponsorship?


Presidential Sponsor - $501 & up

All sponsors donating money in any amount over $501 dollars or more will receive the Presidential level sponsorship acknowledgment. This package includes, welcome letter, a photo and brief write up of your sponsored dog, your family or individual name with four gold stars on our website located next to the specific dog's profile and photo,  acknowledgment in our quarterly newsletter and announcement on RROC's weekly airing PAWdcast with discounted advertising available. 


Hero Sponsor - $201-500

All sponsors donating money in any amount over $201 dollars will receive the Hero level sponsorship acknowledgment on our sponsorship recognition page, as well as having your family or individual name with three gold stars on our website located next to the specific dog's profile and photo, and acknowledgment in our quarterly newsletter.

Guardian Sponsor -$100-200

Sponsors donating in any amount of $100 dollars or more will receive the Guardian level sponsorship acknowledgment in our sponsorship recognition page and listing in our quarterly newsletter.

Defender Sponsor -Any amount from $1-99

Sponsors donating in any amount $1-99 will receive the Defender level sponsorship listing on our sponsorship recognition page. 


What if I prefer to donate items rather than money?

RROC's wish list includes items anywhere from food and leashes to calling cards and frontline. From time to time, RROC will also get in dogs on a specific diet which increases the daily intake or price of food. In the event that you wish to donate food or other items, you will have the option of placing a food/item symbol or the corresponding color star for which matches your cost of donation.

Can I sponsor in memory of a previous pet along with my name?

Of course, RROC refers to these as tribute sponsorship. Have a particular pet on your mind and want to remember them by helping to save another dog? If you are Guardian Level and above you may include a sentence or two about your beloved pooch for a tribute post on our RROC Dog Sponsor Recognition page.

Can I sponsor more than one dog?

Absolutely. RROC does not put a limit on how many dogs you are allowed to sponsor. The more the merrier!

Can more than one person sponsor a specific dog?

Yes. Multiple stars may be placed as well as names for sponsorship. Levels of sponsorship are identified and distinguished by number of gold stars.

Can I set up a monthly sponsorship?

Of course. Many of our RROC dogs are adopted out fairly quickly. In the event that you choose to be a monthly sponsor and your specific RROC dog is adopted, dies or transferred to another program, you are always encouraged to have your monthly donation transfer over to the care of a current or incoming RROC dog. Sponsorship will end naturally in the event transfer is not initiated by the sponsor and authorized by the board.

Can RROC ever choose a dog for me to sponsor?

Most definitely. RROC's foster parents and organization board are the most familiar with each dog's needs and costs. In the event that you are not interested in sponsoring a specific dog, RROC can recommend a certain dog based on your desired level of sponsorship.

Be Sure to:

EMAIL us the specific dog you are donating for as we are still working on inserting a text field for the dog of your choice. Not enough info?

Have more questions on sponsorship? Email: or



Sponsorship of any dog or dogs does not impact the adoption process in any way, either for the sponsored dog(s) or for other dogs.

**Applications from sponsors will be assessed in the same fashion as all other applications with no preference given to those submitted by sponsors.

**Sponsoring a RROC dog will assist in upholding the high quality of living for our dogs while in foster care and all funds will be allocated specifically for the designated dog with no exceptions.

**Foster families of RROC have the final word on which homes are selected for adoption. All parties involved in contribution to the sponsorship fund of a specific dog or dogs are exempt from involvement of selection of the placement for our RROC dogs.

**The RROC board shall have discretion to disperse the funds for the care of the specified dog or dogs, such care to include but not be limited to veterinary, food, supplies, and other expenses. Sponsors may end their sponsorships at any time upon notice to the RROC board.

**Sponsorships shall end naturally upon the chosen dog leaving the RROC program. Transfer of sponsorship from one dog(s) to another is permitted with board notification.