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Interested in volunteering? Please read:

While we welcome volunteers in all areas of interest, we want to make sure your time is utilized as efficiently as possible. We receive around 10 adoption applications per day and attempt to respond to all as soon as possible. Although we are a rescue with many of the same goals as other rescues you may be familiar with, our structure is very unique. Each of our amazing rescue dogs are placed immediately in the capable hands of our foster volunteers. With this in mind, please note that we are not a shelter.

Think of RROC as a middle agent for our retrievers where our adoptables arrive, they are immediately placed in foster care and it is a series of collective efforts by our volunteers to get our dogs adopted out!

In between, there is much more "people-oriented" work than actual up close and "personal with the dogs" work. In many cases we will have volunteers come to us with an array of experiences from other shelters and volunteer work. Many inquiries come on the possibility of walking, exercising and socializing dogs. We commend any type of of energy that goes into the well-being of the animals, however, a series of RROC's specific tasks fall under the auspices of event coordinating, applicant screening of potential adopters through phone interviews, home visits, animal transport, fundraising and much more!

Have more questions? Volunteer FAQ page!

Want to know what type of opportunities are available for RROC volunteers? Click on the links below to view some of our most popular volunteer options to get specific details on each opportunity.

Rescue Agent in Transportation - The first line of Rescue (Just like on Animal Planet!)

Phone Interviewing

Home Visits

Newsletter Design/Writing/Photography

Additional opportunities are listed and outlined on our online volunteer application. If you are interested in being part of an amazing team and assisting our animals on their path to a better life. Are you ready to RROC?